Dear European readers,
Dear international readers (especially from Papua New Guinea),
Dear intergalactic readers (as I said before, „you never know“, hahaha),

Today was a shitty day. Because of a meeting I had to be at the office at 8 o’clock (although on Tuesday I only go to the office later because of my teenager at home). Well, what can I say? This meeting was the beginning of a crappy day. – In the afternoon a mail flashed in, which left me stunned for a good hour. I almost went home. A few events later, the time had actually come to leave. On the train I wrote my husband a text like „I’m on the train now and get a bread for dinner“.

Pling, I got this text: „I’m on the train too“ – Another pling „See you even without glasses“

I look up and see him sitting several rows of seats away from me. – I have to laugh at both cheeks and send him a 😂.

Pling, „What are you laughing at?“ – „Because of you – the first time today. Had a real shitty day.“

Pling, „Don’t find a suitable picture. Not even a rhino“ (rhino I may explain another time) – To him: „Actually, I wanted to write „I love you“ spontaneously, but we don’t say that in dialect“

Pling, „I love you too ❤️.

My day is saved. (That was easy to understand, wasn’t it? Nevertheless, next time in German again)

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